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Tooth Extractions

We offer an extraction service which is atraumatic, comfortable and quick in comparison to standard extraction techniques.


  • non-surgical in most cases (no cutting away of the gums and bone)
  • avoids the need for specialist referral (additional costs, waiting time, additional time off work)
  • immediate pain relief
  • atraumatic
  • predictable on all teeth in any condition including baby teeth (except wisdom teeth)
  • preserves socket (less bone is lost-critical for implant dentistry and aesthetics)
  • root tips do not break (can take upto 30 minutes to remove)
  • no damage to adjacent teeth and restorations
  • less time in the dental chair
  • breakthrough standard of care for a better patient experience


What you should know before having a tooth taken out:

  • Options to replace missing teeth are here.
  • Tooth extractions can turn into a SURGICAL procedure (gum has to be cut and bone drilled away to access the tooth). Atraumatic extractions can avoid this in most cases.
  • If you are nervous then options exist to make treatment more comfortable e.g. IV Sedation /Oral Sedation. Let us know if you would like more information.
  • Always have some food a few hours before the procedure (If you forget, tell us)
  • Once your tooth is taken out the gums and bone have to heal (as there is a hole). The bulk of this healing  process takes about 3 months. You may wish to have a denture or bridge made to be fitted on the day the tooth is removed. This will only be suitable for the first 3 months while the healing process takes place and then a replacement will be required.



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