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Smile Makeovers

This can involve changing one or more features of your smile to improve the appearance and may include you wanting: whiter teeth, straighter teeth, spaces between teeth being closed, worn teeth rebuilt …. the list goes on.

You should make a wishlist of what you would like then once we have looked at your smile we can give you some options and design your personalised smile!

Full Smile









Suitable for 

  • Tooth changes (colour, shape)
  • Gum changes


  • Beautiful smile
  • Increased confidence when smiling

What you should know

  • TV shows showing off Hollywood Smiles usually hide the amount of tooth destruction involved when placing veneers and crowns. It is very important for you to be aware of: how much of your teeth may be lost, the long term biological consequences and options on failure.
  • If you require veneers, crowns or worn teeth to be rebuilt, the first stage would be to complete an ‘Aesthetic Evaluation’ in surgery and then get a Diagnostic wax-up made. We can then show you the proposed changes in the mouth allowing us to design the smile with you before agreeing to actually do it.
  • Your gums must be healthy before any Aesthetic dentistry takes place as poor oral health will result in disease.
  • It may take several visits over several months to get to the desired result so your new smile will not come overnight.

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