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These are glossy tooth coloured filling materials that are carefully brushed into the deep pits and fissures of your healthy teeth (most common areas of tooth decay) to make them easier to clean hence help prevent tooth decay.


  • Teeth with sealants exhibit significant tooth decay (caries) preventive effects (Evidence-Based Dentistry (2010) 11, 10)

Suitable for patients who:

  • are at risk of dental decay (previous tooth decay, current tooth decay, certain medical conditions/medicines)
  • have early signs of decay (by covering the bacteria they cannot multiply and so the bacteria dies and hardens with time)
  • have had tooth decay on the chewing surfaces of a molar tooth should have the other molar teeth sealed as this is cost-effective (Payette et al)

Where fissure sealants are recommended the benefits significantly outweigh the disadvantages as shown below.

Life Cycle — Average Cost of Repairing a Molar

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