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Replacing Missing Teeth

It is always best to replace missing teeth if advised by us to avoid unwanted long term side effects. There are so many options available it is best to have a consultation first to see what options you have. Then decide: a) if you want a fixed or removable option and then b) your budget. Treatment is expensive and we understand that so tell us if you would like solutions to make it affordable.


  • Avoids problems (chewing forces may shift causing front teeth to flare out creating unwanted spaces, altered bite can cause the collapse of facial features, premature aging, prevents tooth drifting and food packing, unstable bite)
  • Restores smile (appearance and confidence)
  • Restores function (chewing ability)
  • Back teeth protect front teeth when the jaw closes (back teeth stop and guide teeth into correct seating position)

What you should know

  • If you are missing one or more teeth your options may include: a) Fixed Dental Implants  b)Fixed Bridges (Conventional/Adhesive) c) Removable Dentures
  • If you are missing all of your teeth you can see your options under:  Full arch tooth replacement
  • A consultation is required to discuss which of the above options you are suitable for.
  • Before replacing your missing teeth, you should decide if you want to change the colour of your teeth with teeth whitening. We can then match the new teeth to the existing teeth.
  • Dental implants are the Gold Standard for tooth replacement.
  • An alternative ‘ Snap On Smile’ is a ‘quick fix’ solution for cosmetic improvement.
  • Studies show that 27% of patients find the thought of a removable option upsetting (Steele et al)

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