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At Gatton Dental there are many options to replace missing teeth. Dentures made at Gatton Dental are custom fitted to your gums and teeth to ensure the best fit. If you are missing teeth or tired of maintaining several heavily filled teeth which keep on breaking/chipping then dentures may be the option for you. Please call Gatton Dental to find out if dentures are suitable for you. We always provide you with all the options, advantages, disadvantages so that you are fully informed enabling you to make a confident decision as to whether dentures are suitable for you.


  • Completes the smile (replaces missing gum and tooth tissue)
  • Prevents movement of adjacent and opposing teeth
  • Helps to balance the bite and increases chewing efficiency
  • Supports the lips and cheeks, rejuvenating them
  • Increases your confidence

What you should know

  • There are different types of dentures.
  • The denture types in order of superiority are: Metal, Flexible and Acrylic. These are only suitable if you have healthy gums and teeth.
  • Acrylic dentures if replacing multiple teeth can be bulky and break.
  • If you are replacing multiple teeth (on opposite sides of the mouth) two smaller acrylic dentures can be made to avoid having one bulky denture.
  • Before replacing your missing teeth, you should decide if you want to change the colour of your teeth with teeth whitening. We can then match the artificial teeth to the existing teeth.

Longevity & Maintenance:

  • Studies show that 75% last at 5 years and 50% at 10 years (Vermeulen et al)
  • Modifications and regular adjustments should be expected (as your bone and gum shrinks with time)

Call Gatton Dental now to get more information on dentures and to find out if dentures are right for you!