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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is the key to long term dental health. At your first dental appointment we will outline all the preventative dental treatments that you will benefit from. These may include:

  • Routine dental check ups (This allows us to detect dental disease early and provide treatment options or advice to prevent/minimise further damage)
  • X-rays (These are taken every 6 to 18 months based on your risk of tooth decay. They help to see areas that cannot be seen by the dentist. Benefits include: detecting tooth decay early before it starts to cause pain and assessing for infections around the teeth)
  • Cleaning of the teeth and gums (This involves regular removal of the harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay, gum disease and in some cases bad breath)
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction (Do you know why we use toothpaste? Do you know why we use toothbrushes? Do you know what interdental cleaning is? This complimentary service involves reviewing the above questions with you and establishing your present cleaning habits. If there is room for improvement we will advise you accordingly of what we recommend and why)
  • Diet Analysis (Did you know that even if you have great brushing habits that you can still get holes in your teeth? A diet analysis involves assessing your diet habits to detect potential causes of tooth decay. This service is complimentary to all of our patients)
  • Mouth Guards (These are custom fitted for adults and children to protect teeth and reduce the impact of sports injuries to the head and jaw. Read more here)
  • Splints (These look like clear gumshields but there is a lot of technical work that goes into making these to help with conditions like: grinding/bruxism, jaw joint problems and treating tension headaches. Read more here)
  • Fluoride treatments (Fluoride has many benefits such as: reduces the risk of tooth decay & tooth loss significantly, reduces tooth sensitivity & strengthens tooth enamel and reduces the risk of further dental treatment. Read more here)
  • Tooth coloured fillings (These may be placed on worn areas of teeth to prevent further wear of the teeth)
  • Fissure Sealants (These are glossy tooth coloured filling materials that are carefully brushed into the deep grooves of your healthy teeth (most common areas of tooth decay) to make them easier to clean. Read more here)

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