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Preferred Provider Price Guarantee

What is a preferred provider?
A preferred provider is a contract between a dental practice and a health fund(e.g.BUPA/Medibank etc). In summary a preferred provider has maximum service fees set for e.g. crowns, fillings etc. It does not mean that one dental practice is better than another.

At Gatton Dental we ensure that you never pay more than you have to at a preferred provider practice with a preferred provider price guarantee. We are a preferred provider for several health funds but not BUPA or Medibank. This means that patients holding dental cover with Medibank and BUPA can come to our practice and not be charge more than a practice that holds a preferred provider status with Medibank/BUPA.

* Gatton Dental is pleased to offer this price guarantee to give patients with private dental health cover the assurance that they will get the lowest dental fees.